Seizan Takiawase Japanese Cuisine Michelin 2-Star Gochimeshi Exclusive
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Seizan , a Japanese restaurant located in Mita, Tokyo, is a restaurant where you can enjoy delicate Japanese cuisine that incorporates the four seasons in a comfortable space.

Sparing no effort, they are faithful to the basics of Japanese cuisine, and the dashi stock that is carefully drawn over a long period of time has a gentle taste. The cooking techniques that change according to the climate and humidity, the seasonal tableware, the hanging scrolls and fresh flowers in the store are of high quality.

Abalone udon noodles in the summer, matsutake mushrooms in the fall, crab and salmon roe in the winter, and so on.

The personality and hospitality of the owner Mr. Yamamoto and the young staff will give you a moment of euphoria when you cook, and you can truly feel the "fun that goes beyond 'delicious'" that Gochimeshi Exclusive aims for.

We will release the seats from January next year.

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All the staff of Exclusive feel the joy of being able to introduce our new store to everyone. Don't miss this opportunity! Please use it.

(September 7, 2022 added)
Seats for January 2023 have been sold out. Thank you for your purchase.
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