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" Seizan " - Warm , surprising and surprising cuisine

The carefully selected ingredients are straightforward and simple, yet the dishes are full of surprises and new flavors that capture the flavors of the season.

At Gochimeshi Exclusive, the ever-popular "Haruyama" restaurant is always instantly "Sold out" once the seats are made public.
The seats for May will be announced soon.
May 16th 17:30-20:15 2 seats (table seats)
Is it convenient for you?
Stay tuned to see what new dishes will be available in early summer next year, when the new greenery dazzles!
I'm sure there will be a lot of traveling and leisure activities and fun during Golden Week, but taking the time to relax and enjoy some fine food is also a special experience.

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(Added on January 6, 2023)

All seats for this May event have been sold out. Thank you for your purchase.
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