Lively hospitality at the counter at " Hitsuji SUNRISE "

At Hitsuji SUNRISE, friendly staff who are experts on lamb will explain the different types of lamb behind the counter and carefully grill it in a Genghis Khan pot, removing all the fat to perfection.

By taking into consideration the part, cutting method, and characteristics of the meat, you can enjoy rare lamb in its most delicious condition.

Seasonal vegetables and mushrooms grilled in the high-quality lamb fat left in the Genghis Khan pot . It warms you up and makes you want to drink more.

"Sheep Sunrise" conveys a deep love for sheep.

"Tokyo's Best Restaurants 2020"
"Tokyo's Best Restaurants 2021"

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Not only is the food delicious, but the wonderful hospitality will also leave you feeling full and recharged.

We will be releasing the December seating schedule soon. If you are in Tokyo, please stop by!

We will inform you of the latest information on seats in our Newsletter . Please check the Newsletter as soon as you receive it.

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