Restaurant Sola Hakata Port Fukuoka Ocean view French Popular restaurant
Romantic French restaurant in Hakata Port " Restaurant Sola "


Hiroki Yoshitake, who received a one-star rating in Paris, opened this ocean-view restaurant right in front of the ferry terminal at Hakata Port.

Having impressed the palates of Parisians, Yoshitake is now an inspiration to young people aspiring to become chefs.

With free ideas While creating dishes that are not bound by genre, the restaurant is particular about the ingredients it uses, from sourcing the ingredients to the firewood it uses for cooking. They are always thinking about the environment, and are challenging themselves every day to contribute to sustainable operations and the development of young people.

COVID-19 Now that the virus has been classified as a "Class 5 infectious disease," it would be a good idea to go out and meet your friends in Fukuoka or Hakata and treat them to a delicious meal, or even take a trip to Fukuoka with your friends.

Even though they live in Tokyo, some people have used Restaurant Sola as a gift for their parents who live in Fukuoka on their wedding anniversary.

How about leaving the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind and enjoying a lovely dinner while enjoying the night view of Hakata Port?

The seats for October and November will be announced soon.
Friday, October 27th 2 people 19:00~
Friday, November 24th 2 people 19:00~

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