Tacubo Takubo Takubo Takubo Michelin Italian Reservation Difficult Kiln Grilled Meat Restaurant Reservations Popular Michelin Guide Tokyo 2023 star acquisition " TACUBO "

The selection of "Michelin Guide Tokyo 2023" was announced on November 15th last week . Congrats on earning a Michelin star this year!

It is said that there are more than 8,000 Italian restaurants in Japan. Among them, the one that can be said to be the most difficult to get a reservation is " TACUBO " in Daikanyama.

The main meat dish, which boasts an overwhelming taste, is grilled with firewood, which cannot be expressed with charcoal or gas. From appetizers to dolce, you can enjoy delicate course meals with a theme of "nature".

Please spend a wonderful time on special days such as anniversaries ♪

Gochimeshi Exclusive will soon release seats for January!
The "White Truffle Course" will end in December, and we will guide you to the regular course from January.

"White truffle course" which is said to be the true value of TACUBO♡
Pre-orders are still available now!

It's hard to make a reservation because the restaurant you can't make a reservation for has a status of what you've experienced, and the "white truffle course" is Instagrammable. If you miss this opportunity, the next time will be about a year later, in the winter of 2023.

*Please pay separately for additional orders such as drinks at the store.

* Seats for the same month can be purchased up to once.

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(2022.11.22. Added)
All seats for this January are sold out. Thank you for your purchase.
(There are still seats available for the December "White Truffle Course" .)
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