" Ichita " where you can enjoy seasonal ingredients at the plain wood counter

At Gochimeshi Exclusive, the seats for December and January next year are now open to the public!

The end of the year is approaching, and it's a busy end of the year. After working hard this year, why not try some delicious Japanese cuisine that will give you peace of mind? Or how about a sunny seat to welcome the new year?

I hope that you will spend a graceful time with your partner who will always fight by your side, working hard for the past year and talking about your resolutions for the next year.

You can also use it as a "gift" for that person who took care of you this year .
It is also fun as a new form of year-end gift or New Year's greetings that gives you an experience.

" Ichita " is passionate about carefully selecting the best seasonal ingredients, with a focus on the freshness of seasonal ingredients delivered from all over Japan.
Please enjoy the excitement of food that resonates with your five senses.


The latest seat information will be announced in the Newsletter . It's a popular shop, so when you receive the newsletter, please check it out as soon as possible♪

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*Please let us know if you are not good at ingredients or have allergies to soba noodles. Please fill in the contact field at the time of purchase.