Nikuyama Kichijoji Gochiek Gochimeshi Exclusive (reservation difficult) reservation possible

Nikuyama is the new face of Gochimeshi Exclusive, a meat specialty store. The collaboration with "Sushiro" for a limited time during GW was also a hot topic! How about inviting your meat-loving friends to the original restaurant, Nikuyama , for an exciting and lively evening?

The popular shop of "Sold Out" in no time at the first appearance last time. Don't miss this opportunity!

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Satisfaction promised.
Nikuyama, the highest peak of charcoal-grilled red meat, is a must-climb for meat lovers.

A chunk of lean meat is charcoal-grilled, sliced ​​into easy-to-eat pieces, and served to customers. Therefore, it is said to have sparked the recent red meat boom. It quickly became a very popular restaurant after its opening, and for the next 10 years it has been loved as a difficult-to-reserve restaurant. In addition, the exceptional price of 5,000 yen for eating and 5,000 yen for drinking, and the offer of rare whiskey that you don't think is all-you-can-drink may be the secret to its high satisfaction and popularity.

Mr. Mitsuyama, who has worked on the production of many stores and has come up with advertising strategies that utilize his own management theory and SNS operation, is a place where the pursuit of food and playfulness is tightly packed ... That is "Nikuyama". .