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Omino Kamiyacho is creating a sensation in the world of yakitori

Masayoshi Omino has supported Ikegawa of the famous Meguro restaurant "Torishiki" since it was first established. After he went independent, "Yakitori Omino" quickly became a popular restaurant, and has further evolved it into "Omino Kamiyacho".

Torishiki has trained for six years and has carefully stacked the charcoal to make the yakitori. The surface is quickly grilled at close range to prevent flames from rising, sealing in the juices. This technique is what makes the yakitori so delicious.

December seats will be available soon!
This is the last session of the year, so if it fits your schedule, please check it out.
December 8th 2 people 19:30-22:00
December 22nd 2 people 19:30-22:00
Both are Friday night seats!

* Prices have been revised from June onwards .

We will announce the latest information on the release of seats in our Newsletter . If you have not yet registered as a member, please do so as soon as possible.

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