Shibyoubo Isamu Gochimeshi Exclusive (extremely difficult to book)

Isamu , a shop that makes you want to repeat it over and over again

"Shi Fung Choi", which is also shown in the name of the restaurant, is one of Hong Kong's food cultures, and it is said that famous chefs invited their friends to their homes for dinner after retirement.

As the name suggests, the atmosphere of “Shichobo Isamu” is as warm as if you were invited to a friend’s house, and it has the atmosphere of a hideout known only to those in the know. When you step inside the restaurant, you can see the items prepared by chef Yuta Hara over the counter for each of the 10 customers who have only 10 seats, just like a private dining room.

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“Watari Chubo Isamu” usually opens one month in advance, but at Gochimeshi Exclusive, reservations can be made two months in advance. We also offer a nice welcome drink service.

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(2022.10.11. Added)
All seats for this December are sold out. Thank you for your purchase.
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