Gochimeshi Exclusive has opened a new store!

This time, we will be introducing you to " Omino Tsubaki," a sister restaurant of "Omino Kamiyacho, " a very popular Gochimeshi Exclusive restaurant.

Masayoshi Omino has supported Ikegawa of the famous Meguro restaurant " Torishiki " since it was first established. After he went independent, "Yakitori Omino" quickly became a popular restaurant and a Michelin star restaurant, and now the third restaurant "Omino Tsubaki" is here.

The yakitori, which is made with a dense pile of charcoal that Tori Shiki has trained for six years, is "unmistakable" in that it is made with a technique that quickly grills the surface at close range while preventing flames from rising and seals in the meat juices. With the motto of "putting our soul into each skewer," we grill each skewer with great care.

The conditions for a delicious taste that cannot be found anywhere else are the "chicken" that is perfect for yakitori, the "charcoal" that allows for the perfect grilling, and the "skill" that the chef has painstakingly perfected. Only when all of these are in place can Omino's yakitori be created to have the flavor that embodies its value.

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